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Nursing Internship

Outdoor Recreation (hiking, boating, motorsports...), Health & Wellness (Spa, yoga retreat...), Non-profit Organization or Statewide Assocation (visitor information center, chamber of commerce...)
Business Name: Camp O-AT-KA
Town, County: Sebago, Cumberland
Minumum Age: 17
What types of activites will the intern do:

**Interns for this position are required to have completed at least one year of a healthcare related CTE or college program.**

Working with the RN's in our Infirmary, the nursing intern will utilize the skills learned in their CNA program to provide basic nursing care to the campers and staff of Camp O-AT-KA. This includes patient assessment, taking vitals, documenting, observing treatment from the RN's on staff, and treating basic medical needs. You must have completed at least one year of a CNA or Healthcare CTE program to participate!

When is it available: June, July, August
Is transportation provided: Yes
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