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learning Pathways

You can have a lucrative and fulfilling career in Tourism & Hospitality simply by working your way up in a business. However, if you want to increase your options or start your career in an office position, completing college or certification courses can help you achieve your goals!

There are many 2-year Hospitality & Tourism centric certificate and degree programs from schools throughout Maine. Learn more from the table below!

There are many 4-year Hospitality & Tourism centric degree programs from colleges throughout Maine. Learn more from the table below!

The degree and certificate options in the tables above represent just a small portion of what's possible for career training in this industry. Keep in mind that many Tourism & Hospitality businesses are also seeking potential bus drivers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, health & wellness professionals, accountants, groundskeepers, boat captains, and more! Many Maine colleges offer options in these desirable fields, and training through one of their programs can greatly increase your value throughout the Tourism & Hospitality industry.

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