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Outdoor Recreation

Why work in outdoor recreation?

Careers in outdoor recreation provide people with the chance to follow their passion for the natural world while fully-embracing their status as a Jack or Jill of all trades. In this territory of tourism and hospitality, you might spend your summers leading whitewater rafting trips or maintaining mountain bike trails and your winters repairing snowmobile engines or keeping track of folks on the slopes. A career in outdoor recreation embodies versatility, and with so many wild wonders, becoming a part of a pre-existing company or starting your own adventure business is within your grasp. 

Our beloved Pine Tree State is home to some of the most majestic natural beauty in the world. Including our state and national parks, Maine has over 6000 lakes and rivers, more than 4600 islands, approximately 3500 miles of coastline, and 17 million acres of forestland. Needless to say, it is an outdoor enthusiast's dream turned reality, so it's no surprise that this realm of tourism & hospitality creates more than 30,000 jobs for Mainers and brings in over $2.8 billion from a wide variety of businesses focused on outdoor activities. 

If you want to earn a living in the great outdoors, this career is calling for you. 

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Mother and Son



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Camp Counselor

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Desk or Office Agent

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Equipment Maintenance

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Trail Steward

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Lift Operator

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Activity & Sport Specialist

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Whitewater Rafting Guide

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Outdoor Educator

Tourism4me (7)_edited.jpg

Maine Registered Guide

Tourism4me (7)_edited.jpg

Small Engine Mechanic

Museum 2

Activities Director

Hunters And Dog

Master Maine Guide

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Waterfront Director

Tourism4me (8)_edited.jpg

Camp Director

Tourism4me (8)_edited.jpg

Wilderness EMT or Nurse

Tourism4me (8)_edited.jpg

Golf Pro

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Ski Patrol

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Nature Conservationist

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