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For Educators

Do you have students who are interested in one or more of the many areas of Tourism & Hospitality careers? 

The Maine Tourism Association is partnering with schools across Maine to give all high schoolers aged 16+ opportunities to learn more about the Tourism and Hospitality industry. We at the MTA can help educate your school's students on internships, employment, college pathways, and careers within the Tourism and Hospitality industry.
We are pleased to provide this program to all Maine schools through a state-funded grant through Dec. 2024. 

Below are some resources for you on the programs available to your students. Please complete this form to learn more about how your school can benefit from our programming!
A little about our program:
  • We will coordinate with schools to organize MTA-hosted events/workshops for students, introducing them to the wide variety of job and career opportunities in the Tourism and Hospitality industry and giving them resources to learn more. 

  • As the program progresses, we look forward to connecting your students with some of the 1500 Maine businesses that the MTA represents. These connections may be through field trips, mentors & speakers, job shadowing, and internship opportunities. These internships, completed through various pathways, will financially compensate students between $350-$1050 (depending on their program).  

  • We will also connect students to current employment openings or Maine college programs that can help them realize their career goals in Tourism & Hospitality.

Feel free to email or print these promotional posters!
After your students have attended a presentation with us, please have them complete this form. 
Students aged 16-24 can learn about this 75-hour internship here. 
High school sophomores-seniors can learn
more about this 40-hour internship here.
Our internships are NOT jobs,
but labor laws still apply.
If your students went on a working-in-tourism related field trip for career explorations, we can cover your transportation costs!
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