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About Us

The Maine Tourism Association was founded in 1922, so our connections within the tourism and hospitality industry reach throughout the state. Our membership consists of a blend of 1500+ local businesses and organizations united through our vision to create economic opportunities for our community and to promote the unique quality of the Maine tourism experience.

We are partnering with schools across Maine to give all students aged 16-24 opportunities to learn more about the Tourism and Hospitality industry through our member businesses. 

Our goals:

  • Educate students, parents, educators, and members of the Maine community about the benefits of tourism to the workforce and economy. 

  • Connect students to internships, college options, and career opportunities within the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

  • Encourage the exploration of living in Maine and working in the tourism industry as a full-time, year-round opportunity. 

Our Team

Kat photo.jpg
Kathryn Ference​
Director of Workforce Development
Caroline Ridout
Workforce Development Specialist
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