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Contact first and last name? *
If you are filling the form out on behalf of someone else, please include the name AND email for the direct contact to our programming. This information is not shown on the internship listing.
What is the name of your business? *
**This should be the customer-facing name.**
What city/town is the business located in? *
***If you have multiple locations, please fill out the form separately for each location***
In what county is your business?
Your Tourism and Hospitality business and potential field trip/training/internship is part of what MTA category? *
** Select all that apply.
What is the title of your internship opportunity?*
(Examples: Marketing Internship, On-Field Internship, Wooden Boat Maintenance Internship) 
In what months are you able to speak to students or to host students in workforce field trips, mentorships, job-shadows, or internships? *
***Select all that apply. Keep in mind that hosting field trips, job-shadows, or mentorships when school is NOT in session will be uncommon.
What kinds of activities would students learn about or get to experience at your business?
(Please include details about your business, any perks, and the potential duration of the internship.) 
Could you/your business provide transportation for student interns or if you were to mentor a student?
What is the minimum age of student that you are able to have intern?
What is the rate of pay?


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