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Culinary Internship

Food & Beverage Services (restaurants, breweries, bakeries, coffee shops...), Outdoor Recreation (hiking, boating, motorsports...), Non-profit Organization or Statewide Assocation (visitor information center, chamber of commerce...)
Business Name: Camp O-AT-KA
Town, County: Sebago, Cumberland
Minumum Age: 17
What types of activites will the intern do: An internship at Camp O-AT-KA will provide first-hand experience in a commercial grade kitchen by doing food prep and cooking, shadow menu planning with our head chef, gain understanding about food allergies and sensitivities, observe budgeting for a non-profit organization, and utilize the skills gained from your CTE program. You must have completed at least one year of a culinary CTE program to participate!
When is it available: June, July, August
Is transportation provided: Yes
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