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Wooden Boat Maintenance Internship

Food & Beverage Services (restaurants, breweries, bakeries, coffee shops...), Outdoor Recreation (hiking, boating, motorsports...), Lodging (hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds...)
Business Name: Schooner Lewis R. French
Town, County: Camden, Knox
Minumum Age: 16
What types of activites will the intern do: This internship is ideal for people who are happy to get their hands dirty while learning the needs of wooden boat maintenance or using their pre-existing carpentry, electrician, or diesel engine skills. Depending on the dates of your internship, you may sand, paint, varnish, bend on sails and spars, deal with lines (ropes) and blocks (pulleys), work on the yawl boat engine, or any other types of traditional schooner maintenance activities. Our vessel is over 150 years old, and the work we do each spring and fall keeps the her in peak condition, so she can continue sailing safely for many years to come.
When is it available: March, April, May, October, November
Is transportation provided: No
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