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Multiple-Area Internship (Retail, Customer Services, F&B, Outdoor Rec., Attractions, Office work)

Retail & Sales (clothing, equipment, local and/or handmade goods...), Office-based work in Tourism, Travel & Hospitality (data entry, marketing, accounting...), Food & Beverage Services (restaurants, breweries, bakeries, coffee shops...), Outdoor Recreation (hiking, boating, motorsports...), Attractions & Entertainment (event venues, amusement park, sports arenas...)
Business Name: York's Wild Kingdom
Town, County: York, York
Minumum Age: 14
What types of activites will the intern do: At York’s Wild Kingdom an intern or employee would get the opportunity to work in many different parts of our park. Students 18 years or older may have the chance to help with animal care, such as preparing food, cleaning enclosures, feeding, and maintaining grounds. Students 14 years to 17 years may experience guest services jobs, such as tickets, petting zoo stations (selling animal feed to guests), ride operators, gift shop sales, or concession stands. Our goal is to help you find the best fit for you!
When is it available: May, June, July, August, September
Is transportation provided: No
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