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Nursing Internship

Outdoor Recreation (hiking, boating, motorsports...), Non-profit Organization or Statewide Assocation (visitor information center, chamber of commerce...)
Business Name: Pine Island Camp
Town, County: Belgrade, ME, USA, Kennebec
Minumum Age: 16
What types of activites will the intern do:

**Interns for this position are required to have completed at least one year of a healthcare related CTE or college program.**

In this particular role, we need a Nursing Intern to assist our camp medic in all things having to do with the health and safety of campers on a daily basis. This includes attending to day-to-day cuts, scrapes, and bruises; administering daily medication (if qualified); assisting campers who are staying in the infirmary due to illness; preparing first aid kits and medical supplies for overnight camping trips; and responding to any illness outbreaks in the larger camp community.

Pine Island Camp is a residential summer camp for boys located on an island in Belgrade, Maine. We were founded in 1902 and are the oldest summer camp in Maine, and one of the oldest in the United States. Our approach is centered around a tech-free, back-to-nature, relationship-based experience. Our program is a total of 6 weeks long, and all staff members live at camp (however, interns may participate for fewer than 6 weeks, but they would need to live at camp).

The Nursing Intern will be housed and fed for the entirety of their stay at Pine Island, and will receive one day off for every 7 days of their internship (6 days on, 1 day off). This internship position is, more or less, a 24-7 role "on-call" role, as the infirmary is always accessible to campers and staff members. The Pine Island network is large and well-connected, and many of our staff members find that they make meaningful career connections with camp alumni.

The Nursing Intern will be housed and fed for the entirety of their stay at Pine Island, and will receive time off as appropriate depending on the length of their internship. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to build experience and skills working with and caring for children and in a residential setting. Our medic and Nursing Intern are also be members of our camp community and would enjoy all the benefits of participating in the summer camp experience! It is important to note that, while we are a boys camp, we hire staff members of all sexes and gender identities.

When is it available: June, July, August
Is transportation provided: Maybe
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